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Ta Yu

I Ching tirado para Crica em 03/09/2010

I Ching Hexagram:

Name: Ta Yu.

Keyphrase: Abundance.

Formed By The Trigrams: Fire over Heaven.

General: Those who understand the responsibility that comes with wealth are the ones best fitted to maintain it.

Love: Enjoy the current harmonious period but do not allow yourself to become complacent.

Business: Opportunities for business success will be there if you look for them. Do not allow yourself to become greedy though.

Personal: Take the time to enjoy mental clarity but make sure to watch for any feelings of pride or arrogance and eliminate them if necessary.

Overview: Ta Yu relates to a time of abundance when all is going well. Although an auspicious time it carries a warning not to allow yourself to become arrogant or greedy. All obstacles in all aspects of life will have disappeared and life should be enjoyed. Do not make the mistake of becoming complacent and believing this period will last forever. It won't. Nothing does. Examine the harmonious circumstances that gave rise to your current success and do your best to preserve them. This way you will be able to maintain success as long as possible. Generosity and humility are essentials to this process.

Grandes Posses - Força e Clareza

"Bem aventurados os mansos, pois deles é o Reino dos Céus."

O homem superior reprime o mal e promove o bem. Obediente à benevolente

vontade do Céu.

Abençoar significa ajudar. O Céu ajuda o homem de devoção; os homens

ajudam a quem é sincero.

Aquele que caminha na verdade e pensa com devoção, homens dignos,

é abençoado no Céu. Ele encontra a boa fortuna e

tudo lhe é favorável."

(Livro do Iching)

The fire in heaven above shines far, and all things stand out in the light and
become manifest. The weak fifth line occupies the place of honor and all the
strong lines are in accord with it.
All things come to the man who is modest and kind in a high position.


Supreme success.

The two trigrams indicate that strength and clarity unite. Possessions great
measure is determined by fate and accords with the time. How is it possible
that the weak line has power to hold the strong lines fast and to possess
them? It is done by virtue of unselfish modesty. The time is favorable—a
time of strength within, clarity and culture without. Power is expressing itself
in graceful and controlled way. This brings supreme success and wealth.


Fire in heaven above:
Thus the superior man curbs evil and furthers good,
And thereby obeys the benevolent will of heaven.

The sun in heaven above, shedding light over everything one earth, is the
image of possession on a grand scale. But a possession of this sort must be
administered properly. The sun brings both evil and good into the light of
day. Man must combat and curb the evil, and must favor and promote the
good. Only in this way does he fulfill the benevolent will of God, who desires
only good and not evil.


Nine in the second place means:
A big wagon for loading.
One may undertake something.
No blame.

Great possession consists not only in the quantity of goods at one's disposal,
but first and foremost, in their mobility and utility, for then they can be used
in undertakings, and we remain free of embarrassment and mistakes. The big
wagon, which will carry a heavy load and in which one can journey farm
means that there are at hand able helpers who give their support t and are
equal to their task. One can load great responsibility upon such persons, and
this is necessary in important undertakings.

Nine at the top means:
He is blessed by heaven.
Good fortune.
Nothing that does not further.

In the fullness of possession and at the height of power, one remains modest
and gives honor to the sage who stands outside the affairs of the world. By
this means one puts oneself under the beneficent influence descending form
heaven, and all goes well. Confucius says of this line:

To bless means to help. Heaven helps the man who is devoted; men help the
man who is true. He who walks in truth and is devoted in his thinking, and
furthermore reveres the worthy, is blessed by heaven. He has good fortune,
and there is nothing that would not further.

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